Rahel is an artist who gives a unique imprint to the company’s image with her works

House of the Fish


On the Tuscan coast, near talamone, an extraordinary submerged art garden is born out of the sea.

the project conceived by paolo fanciulli “The House of the Fish” (La Casa dei Pesci) aims to focus attention on the problems relating to the phenomenon of illegal fishing.

the art garden being underwater will prevent trawling near the coast and thus preserve the balance of the marine ecosystem.

rahel kimmich was immediately very enthusiastic and honored to be able to participate in the project and contribute with her art to the protection of the environment in Maremma.

the “michelangelo” quarry in carrara made 100 blocks of marble available to artists from all over the world and six months ago two of these arrived at the farm casina.

with everyone’s help and with a lot of joy rahel transformed one of these boulders into a huge bottle of wine. A large glass bottle will be integrated into the work of art, inside which the people present at the ceremony of laying underwater will have the opportunity to leave a message for future generations.


With everyone’s help and with much joy, Rahel transformed one of these boulders into a huge bottle that contains the thoughts and hope of humanity, a message that we pass on to future generations for the protection of all living forms of the sea. Attached to the bottle is the guardian octopus who observes and testifies.




the sea porcupine with its protruding quills defends the seabed, ready to tear open the illegal trawl nets.