A rosé that makes the pleasantness of the nose and the drink its strong point. From the glass, pleasant aromas of wild red fruits emerge together with hints of rose, sage, white pepper and violet. The sip – agile, pleasantly warm and enveloping – makes it perfect for important aperitifs or for fish dishes enriched with a hint of tomato as well as on vegetable dishes, such as eggplant parmigiana or, why not, with generously topped pizzas.




  • Grape variety : Syrah
  • Soils : Sandy with a good presence of skeleton rich in marl
  • Vineyard exposure : north-east
  • Altitude : 150m above sea level
  • Surface area of the vineyards : 1,5 ha
  • Planting year : 2004
  • Training system : Guyot
  • Number of plants per hectare : 3300
  • Yield of grapes per hectare : 70q
  • Harvest and vinification : The grapes are harvested during the first week of September and placed in cold store until the temperature reaches 6 ° C. Half of the must is obtained from “Salasso” and half from soft pressing; both fermentations start spontaneously in steel tanks and, subsequently, only that obtained from pressing continues in the first passage tonneau where, finally, it will mature for a few months. Furthermore, until bottling in March, numerous bâtonnage are carried out. The Sempre rests for a month in glass before being placed on the market.
  • Percentage of alcohol by volume : 13,5%
  • Recommended serving temperature : 10-12 ° C

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