the wineyards

the vineyards are on the estate which spreads out in 45 hectares in the borough of grosseto.
since 1998, 9,5 hectares of sangiovese variety and 1,5 of syrah have been planted totaling to 11 hectares of vineyard.
we decided to plant the vines 1 metre from eachother and there are 3 metres between each row. this choice enables a perfect ripening of the grapes and allows us to comply with the morellino docg regulations which does not permit artificial watering of the vines.
to avoid use of herbisides and other chemicals, operations to eradicate weeds between the plants are hand labored.
we alternate the natural growth of grass which increases fertility and reduces erosion with light surface processings which improve the structure and maintain water within the soil.
in summer we are very careful with the growth of the leaves of the sangiovese: we remove those ‘touched’ by the morning sun to speed up the evaporation of the dew from the larger bunches thus avoiding the settling of grey mold; we leave the higher top leaves to serve as a natural ‘parasol’ shading the grapes and protecting them from sunburn.
the syrah varietal, sensitive to the summer sun, sheds its leaves in a totally natural process.
thanks to the attentive care of the vineyard, the use of chemicals is minimum prefering the use of copper-based fungicides (as in organic farming) and zinc. enabling us to be environment friendly to the surrounding old oak trees and mediterrenean bush inhabited by different species of animals and insects.
the harvest lasts about 2 months starting mid-septembre and finishing mid-october and depends on the weekly analysis of sugar content and organoleptic evaluations.