the cellar

the harvest is the final fase of labour in the vineyard and is the starting point of all cellar procedures.
decisions on the vinification process of the different varietals ar based on the knowledge of our vineyards and of each plot; we are therefor able to enhance the features of the single grape varietals.

following the crushing of the grapes, the must flows into stainless steel tanks, these tanks are constantly at a controlled temperature. thanks to the natural ambient yeasts the alcoholic fermentation process starts.
the fermentation of the skins lasts up to 18 days depending on the vintage and grape varietal.

the organoleptic qualities of the must are constantly monitored and kept under control, daily decisions are taken on the best procedures to carry out and on how many ‘délastages’ are necessary.
after the primary firmentation of the grapes the free run wine is pumped off into 30hl concrete tanks where the bacherial process of malo-lactic conversion starts. the choise of the concrete tanks is because their porosity gives the wine a perfect aging while retaining the pure varietal aromas of the fruit and maintaining the features typical to our wines.

before bottling our wines we are very careful to the filtration process limiting to a minimum the use of sulfites (less than 50mg per liter of sulfur dioxide).

following the bottling, our wines are left to rest for a few months of bottle aging to enhance their qualities once the bottles are opened and the wines tasted.